Adriana Katzew

  • City Clickers

  • 1995 Global Fellow

Adriana Katzew
  • City Clickers

  • 1995 Global Fellow

Personal Bio

Adriana Katzew is Associate Professor and Chair of the Art Education Department. Her teaching and research focus on community engagement and social justice, and on the intersection between visual arts and Chicana/o and Latina/o activism. Adriana’s work also encompasses students of color in art colleges. Adriana obtained her doctorate and master’s degrees from the Harvard Graduate School of Education and her law degree from the University of Pennsylvania Law School. Adriana Katzew’s artist practice is photography-based. Her work reveals a deep connection to documentary photography, history, and marginalized voices. As a visual storyteller, she attempts to provide humanity and sensitivity to her work. Adriana Katzew has taught photography and creative writing to Latina/o children and youth.

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    Arts and Culture

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    Burlington, United States

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