Akshay Makar


  • 2019 Climate Fellow

Akshay Makar

  • 2019 Climate Fellow

bold idea

Cut carbon emissions from the industrial sector in emerging economies by implementing next-generation solar thermal technology.

organization overview

CLIMATENZA, a solar thermal company based in India, develops and applies concentrated solar power (CSP) technology to generate high-value energy for industrial applications directly from the sun. It develops, supplies, and supports concentrated solar thermal technology for the development of cost-competitive, highly efficient, and low- to medium-temperature industrial process heat systems. These systems may also be deployed to provide thermal energy for a diverse range of low- to medium-temperature industrial processes, such as those used in food processing industries, textile industries, chemical and pharmaceutical industries, desalination processes, enhanced oil recovery, minerals processing, and production of hydrogen- and solar-enhanced fuels.

Personal Bio

Akshay Makar, founder and CEO of CLIMATENZA, is an experienced thought leader, innovator, and climate entrepreneur within the field of sustainability. His vision is to make breakthrough technologies using innovation as a tool for improved sustainability practice, to help global sustainable solutions succeed, and to make the sustainability agenda more attractive. He is driven by a strong passion to accelerate the transition toward a renewable energy future. Under his leadership, CLIMATENZA has become a global energy company with offices in India and Chile. In addition, Akshay is working with partner organizations in India, Togo, and Chile to promote solar thermal technologies in the industrial sector. The recipient of numerous awards, Akshay was named one of the “25 Under 25” by the Internet Society, and one of the Top 25 Young Leaders by Young Sustainable Impact. Akshay is a 2019 Echoing Green Fellow.

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    Delhi, India

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