Amy Vreeland

  • TrueSchool

  • 2015 Global Fellow

Amy Vreeland
  • TrueSchool

  • 2015 Global Fellow

bold idea

Expand the innovation potential of frontline educators by partnering with schools, districts, and organizations to enable educators to redesign classrooms, schools, and systems.

organization overview

TrueSchool builds student-centered schools and education tools by leveraging the ideas and innovation potential of frontline educators. We do this by facilitating professional learning experiences for educators to design, test, and scale solutions that solve real problems in schools. TrueSchool’s process is grounded in continuous empathy work with students. New school models and tools are created and refined based on feedback, observations, and interviews with students. By developing and empowering frontline educators to lead student-centered systems-change, TrueSchool unlocks the potential for schools to be transformed from within – and for the experiences and needs of students to be the driving force.

Personal Bio

Amy Vreeland is the founder and chief executive officer of TrueSchool. Amy began her journey in education at a nonprofit start-up in Boulder, Colorado supporting first-generation students towards successful college graduation. She then transitioned to another start-up – this time to a new high school as an Algebra I teacher and Teach For America corps member in the unprecedented charter school movement in New Orleans. Amy next traveled to South Africa, where she advised young professionals and community members in the design of community-led, human-centered social enterprises. While living in this small, rural community, Amy was reminded constantly of her students and kept seeing the intersection of what she was doing with the needs and potential for her students in the U.S. Inspired by the possibility for bottom-up, grassroots innovation to engender truly student-centered schools, Amy left graduate school at Princeton University and returned to New Orleans to launch TrueSchool.

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    New Orleans, United States

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