Anna Schneider

Anna Schneider
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Empower people and smart devices to get their electricity from energy sources they believe in by using energy at the times when it’s cleanest.

organization overview

WattTime empowers homeowners, building managers, and organizations to know where their electricity comes from, and to choose sources they support. Our innovative “environmental demand response” software platform combines open data and cutting-edge analytics to inform and engage consumers, as well as to enable smart devices to automatically prioritize cleaner power sources in real-time. Our service directly lowers carbon footprints for users, increases the long-term price competitiveness of renewable power, and facilitates the physical integration of more renewable energy onto the grid – essential steps toward the clean energy economy.

Personal Bio

Anna Schneider is the co-founder and CTO of WattTime, a cleanweb social venture that connects people and smart devices to cleaner electricity. Anna is passionate about addressing climate change by using data, software, and computational research to promote the effective use of clean energy resources. Before leading software development at WattTime, her work ranged from analyzing weather patterns at wind farm sites at 3TIER, to simulating how plants harvest solar energy at UC Berkeley. She is also a science communicator and served as Managing Editor of the Berkeley Science Review. Anna received a PhD in Biophysics in 2013 from UC Berkeley; her work as a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow was featured on the cover of Biophysical Journal and won a poster prize at the 2012 Gordon Research Conference on Photosynthesis. Anna holds BS degrees from the University of Washington.

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    Oakland, United States

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