Patience Patience Atim

  • Green Farmlands

  • 2023 Global Fellow

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  • Green Farmlands

  • 2023 Global Fellow

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Improve the productivity and incomes of smallholder farmers in Cameroon by creating an online platform where consumers can shop for their fresh groceries.

organization overview

Green Farmlands is a community-based organization that improves the livelihood of community members via agricultural activities. Through the Green Basket Idea, Green Farmlands improves the productivity and income of smallholder farmers in Cameroon by linking them to urban markets via an online platform where consumers can shop for fresh groceries. Green Farmland assists smallholder farmers to engage in sustainable agricultural practices. Green Farmland also attempts to understand and influence consumers’ perceptions and behavior towards agriculture and agricultural products in a bid to drive their consumption habits towards achieving healthier and more sustainable communities.

Personal Bio

Atim Mbah (Patience) is the founder of Green Farmlands, a community-based organization aimed at leveraging agriculture to improve the livelihood of community members. In 2011, Patience started a career in community development, with a passion and desire to address social injustice and provide sustainable solutions for those in need. Through her work, she gained perspectives about life, economics, and the impact on the daily lives of smallholder farmers. These experiences led her to start Green Farmlands in 2016, where she continued impacting her community via agricultural activities such as the Adopt the Garden initiative. The initiative ensures food security in orphanages by providing the resources needed to grow their own food. Transformed by the knowledge, experience, and skills gathered through agribusiness training as a 2017 Australia Africa Awardee and obtaining a master’s in Sustainable Food Systems from the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Patience’s perspective about how food is produced, distributed, and consumed led to the Green Basket Idea. She aims at improving the livelihood of smallholder farmers by linking them to urban markets.

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    Douala, Cameroon

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