Brittany Young

  • B-360

  • 2018 Black Male Achievement Fellow

Brittany Young
  • B-360

  • 2018 Black Male Achievement Fellow

bold idea

Decrease the STEM education divide and incarceration rates for black men and boys by using dirt bike culture to enhance education, community engagement, and workforce pipelining.

organization overview

B-360 utilizes dirt bike culture to end the cycle of poverty, disrupt the prison pipeline, and build bridges in communities. Through a STEM education, community engagement, workforce pipelining, and events, B-360 equips disconnected youth and adults with the skills to secure educational and career opportunities in STEM fields, while changing perceptions of dirt bike riders and engineers. B-360 works to repair and build relationships in the community, uncover new and different career opportunities, give and enhance career skills, leverage the STEM gap, and create events that unite communities in a safe and fun way.

Personal Bio

Brittany Young is founder of B-360. After noticing the lack of diversity in STEM fields, Brittany helped partner FIRST Lego League with Baltimore City Public Schools to host an annual Girls and STEM summit and teach technology courses to K-12 students. As a faculty member of the BCCC STEM Scholars Program, she provides scholarships and internships with NASA to motivate black students to pursue STEM careers, reaching them at the community college/GED level. In 2017, Brittany founded B-360 with the goal of intersecting STEM education, dirt bikes, and unrecognized talent. B-360 has received awards from the Baltimore Corps’ Elevation Awards, the Social Innovation Lab at Johns Hopkins, the Warnock Foundation, Red Bull Amaphiko, and Black Girl Ventures; has been recognized as a B’More History Maker and a Top 10 Baltimore Start-Up; and was CLIA’s Inspiring Voices 2018 Honoree.

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    Baltimore, United States

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