Christiana Bukalo

  • Statefree

  • Funded with support from the Jerome L. Greene Foundation

  • 2022 Global Fellow

Christina Bukalo
  • Statefree

  • Funded with support from the Jerome L. Greene Foundation

  • 2022 Global Fellow

bold idea

Amplify the power of stateless people by building a global and digital community that creates connection, provides increased access to information, and enables collective advocacy.

organization overview

Statefree provides a digital space for stateless people and their allies, increasing public awareness and visibility around the issue of statelessness. The Statefree Community creates opportunity for stateless people to share their stories, connect with, and learn from each other. Statefree also mobilizes and educates the general public as well as decision makers on how to effectively end discrimination against stateless people. Its vision is a world in which stateless people can live in peace and feel like they truly belong.

Personal Bio

Christiana Bukalo is the initiator and co-founder of Statefree. As a stateless person born and raised in Germany, she has had firsthand experience with the lack of transparency and awareness around statelessness and aims to build a space that allows stateless people to participate in the conversations that concern them. Christiana is a trustee of the European Network on Statelessness and works in close collaboration with the Institute on Statelessness and Inclusion. She identifies as a social innovator and change maker and is passionate about contributing her personal and professional experiences to the mission of Statefree. Christiana has a background in media and communication and has worked in public relations, change management, organizational development, and diversity and inclusion. In 2021 Christiana was a Landecker Democracy Fellow and a speaker at TEDxTUM. She has been featured in several German newspapers such as Deutsche Zeitung and ZEIT Campus and shared her mission in panel discussions and interviews.

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    Munich, Germany

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