Christopher Turillo

Christopher Turillo
bold idea

Prepare India’s youth for post-graduate life by providing employability training, leadership mentoring, and career services.

organization overview

Medha delivers an employability education program to existing college and high school students in India. In conjunction with leading employers, Medha has developed a curriculum that aims to bridge the gap between the skills demanded by industry and those imparted by the education system.

Personal Bio

Prior to founding Medha, Chris was the Director of Business Development at SKS Microfinance in Hyderabad, where he was responsible for all growth related initiatives, including new product, segment, and channel development. Chris successfully launched SKS’ Health Insurance and Urban Microfinance products as well as managed a number of additional growth related projects including mobile banking. Prior to SKS, Chris was Director of Business Development at Business Development Institute (BDI), an early-stage strategic consulting firm in New York City.

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    Lucknow, India

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