Clementine Msengi

  • Bright Move Network

  • 2003 Global Fellow

Clementine Msengi
  • Bright Move Network

  • 2003 Global Fellow

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Enable immigrants and refugees to smoothly adjust to American culture through culturally appropriate education and referral services.

organization overview

Bright Move Network is a community organization located in and serving the Waterloo/Cedar Falls metro area in Iowa. Over the last ten years, Iowa has been experiencing ethnic and cultural diversification, with refugees and immigrants among the fastest growing groups. Waterloo/Cedar Falls is one Iowa community that has been hosting a number of refugees and immigrants. Bright Move Network was started to help those refugees and immigrants adjust to American culture, and transition to be part of, and contribute to the well-being of the community. Bright Move Network operates with a mission of providing culturally appropriate education and referral services to prevent negative cultural shock of refugees and immigrants in Waterloo/Cedar Falls, Iowa. Additionally, Bright Move Network promotes tolerance and inclusion of immigrants in the community.

Personal Bio

Dr. Msengi received her doctorate degree in Educational Leadership from Lamar University where she is currently working as a visiting assistant professor in the Department of Educational Leadership (doctoral studies).  She earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Health Promotion and her Master of Arts degree in Community Health from the University of Northern Iowa. Following her Master’s degree education, Dr. Msengi received two prestigious fellowships: The New Voices Fellowship funded by the Ford Foundation and the Echoing Green Foundation Fellowship, which focused on improving the health and well-being of refugees and immigrants through education and mentoring.
In 2003 Dr. Msengi received a grant from the Echoing Green Foundation and founded the Bright Move Network (BMN), a non-profit organization designed to help refugees and immigrants adjust to American culture and contribute to the well-being of the local community. In addition, Dr. Msengi co-founded the Refugee, Immigrant, and Minority Health (RIM) section of the Iowa Public Health Association. More recently, she co-founded the Lamar University Multicultural Awareness Program (LUMAP).
Dr. Msengi has received awards for her work with immigrants and refugees, including the “Outstanding American by Choice” award, which was presented to her by Dr. Emilio Gonzalez,  Director for the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, and United States Senator Charles Grassley. More recently, she received the Immigrant Entrepreneur Leadership Award.  Dr. Msengi has worked with at-risk populations, both domestically and internationally.  Her published works and research interests focus on global leadership, multicultural and global education, domestic and international health education, mentoring and diversity, and inclusion.  Her research has centered primarily on immigrants and refugees; middle, high school, and college students; and on minorities and other underserved populations in the United States and internationally.

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