Colette Pichon Battle , Esq.

  • Taproot Earth (formerly Gulf Coast Center for Law & Policy)

  • 2015 Climate Fellow

Colette Pichon Battle , Esq.
  • Taproot Earth (formerly Gulf Coast Center for Law & Policy)

  • 2015 Climate Fellow

bold idea

Promote equity in Gulf Coast communities of color most affected by climate change by providing community stabilizing legal services and ecological equity training and support for civic participation.

organization overview

The Gulf Coast Center for Law & Policy (GCCLP) is a nonprofit public interest law firm and justice center with a mission to build, serve, and advocate for structural shifts that promote equity for Gulf Coast communities on the frontlines of climate change. Through human rights-based legal services, community training, local leadership development, and grassroots advocacy, GCCLP works to create structural balance in policies and practices that produce disparate impacts on communities of color. GCCLP contributes a southern perspective on issues that have national impact and global influence.

Personal Bio

Colette Pichon Battle (she/her) is the Vision and Initiatives Partner for Taproot Earth. She spearheaded efforts around equitable climate disaster recovery, global migration, community economic development, and energy democracy through the Gulf Coast Center for Law & Policy, an organization that she founded in 2005.

Colette serves on the governance council of the Southern Movement Assembly, co-chairs the national Water Equity and Climate Resilient Caucus with PolicyLink, serves on the steering committee of the Ocean Justice Forum, and is a lead architect of the 5-state, multi-issue initiative Gulf South for a Green New Deal. She also helped to develop the 13-state Southern Communities for Green New Deal with the Southeast Climate & Energy Network and the Red, Black & Green New Deal, the national climate initiative with the Movement for Black Lives.

In 2022, Colette received the William O. Douglas Award- recognizing individuals who have made outstanding use of the legal/judicial process to achieve environmental goals, particularly those with national significance. Her TED Talk on climate migration was ranked in the top 10 TED talks of 2020. And she was named a 2019 Obama Fellow for her work with Black and Native communities.

Colette chaired the 2021-22 Equity Advisory Group of the Louisiana Governor’s Climate Initiative Task Force, she currently serves on the Kataly Foundation’s Environmental Justice Resourcing Collective as well as sits on the boards of the US Climate Action Network, Center for Constitutional Rights, Highlander Research Education Center, and Healthy Gulf, serves on the steering committee of the Resilience Roadmap Project.

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