Daniel Oscar

  • The Learning Project

  • 1994 Global Fellow

Daniel Oscar
  • The Learning Project

  • 1994 Global Fellow

Personal Bio

Daniel Oscar is President & CEO of the Center for Supportive Schools, a national organization advancing the efforts of every school to develop all students into leaders who help make their schools safer, more supportive, engaging, and inspiring. Daniel joined CSS as its new leader in 2009, following the retirement of CSS’s founder Dr. Sharon Rose Powell who had led the organization for 30 years since its inception in1979. He has an extensive record of achievement in establishing and growing innovative educational organizations. Daniel was one of the lead founders of the national teacher corps Teach For America (he is featured prominently in Wendy Kopp’s book One Day, All Children), and the President & Founder of The Learning Project, a not-for-profit school management organization based in New York City. He also served as Vice President of Product Development for EdisonLearning (formerly Edison Schools). Immediately prior to joining CSS, Daniel worked as a consultant to a wide-range of education organizations, including Newark (NJ) Charter School Fund, Children’s Progress, and Wireless Generation, where he provided strategic consulting on issues related to business development, educational technology, student assessment, and charter schools. In addition, he serves (and has since 2001) on the Board of Trustees of the Northeast Charter Schools Network. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Philosophy from Princeton University.

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    Princeton, United States

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