Darrell Scott

  • PushBlack

  • 2017 Black Male Achievement Fellow

Darrell Scott
  • PushBlack

  • 2017 Black Male Achievement Fellow

bold idea

Transform Black voting rates by building deep, daily relationships with millions of African-Americans through their phones.

organization overview

PushBlack is the nation’s first mobile-based Black organizing group. PushBlack sends subscribers daily Black history stories and news stories using text message and Facebook Messenger. Through this deep, trusted relationship, PushBlack activates its subscribers to register and to vote in elections.

Personal Bio

Darrell Scott is the co-founder and director of PushBlack, the nation’s first mobile-based Black organizing group. PushBlack sends daily Black history stories to subscribers and activates them to vote during elections. Before launching PushBlack, Darrell worked at social ventures incubator Accelerate Change as a Venture Manager. While there, he helped leading social justice nonprofits use lean experimentation to test new membership and business models in order to grow to scale. Darrell has always been obsessed with Black media and its connection to Black liberation. His childhood home was full of Ebony and Jet magazines, and the TV stayed on BET. These mediums kept him updated on trends, but also taught him about amplifying Black people’s voice for social change. Through PushBlack, he’s been able to tap into the potential that sits at the nexus of the Black community, today’s social movements, and mobile media. Darrell hold a BA in Sociology with a concentration in Africana Studies from Davidson College, and is also Harry S. Truman Scholar.

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    Public Service and Civic Engagement

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    Washington, United States

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