Diana Propper de Callejon

  • Cultural Survival Enterprises

  • 1990 Global Fellow

Diana Propper de Callejon
  • Cultural Survival Enterprises

  • 1990 Global Fellow

bold idea

Create an economic base and livelihood for Amazon residents not based on deforestation.

organization overview

Cultural Survival (founded 1972) is a nonprofit group based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA which is dedicated to defending the human rights of indigenous peoples. Their stated mandate is to promote the rights, voices, and visions of indigenous people. For 37 years, Cultural Survival has partnered with Indigenous communities to protect their lands, languages, and cultures. Through its programs and campaigns Cultural Survival helps them get the knowledge, advocacy tools, and strategic partnerships they need to protect their rights. When their governments do not respond, Cultural Survival partners with them to bring their cases to international commissions and courts, and they involve the public and policy makers in advocating for their rights. Cultural Survival offers the most comprehensive source of information on indigenous peoples, including the award-winning magazine, the Cultural Survival Quarterly, which has been published for more than 30 years.

Personal Bio

Diana Propper de Callejon has more than twenty years of experience investing in and building sustainability focused businesses. Her work has spanned diverse sectors including energy, forestry water, agriculture and advanced materials. Diana brings to Expansion Capital Partners her recognized Cleantech domain knowledge and her global network of entrepreneurs, investors, and large corporations that are active in Clean Technology. She is involved in all aspects of Expansion Capital’s investment activities, and serves as a Board member of CPower, SensorTran, and Tiger Optics. Prior to Expansion Capital, Diana was a founder and Managing Director of EA Capital, a firm she co-directed for more than ten years. Diana has worked with Fortune 500 companies, financial institutions, and private equity firms to identify new business and investment opportunities related to resource efficiency and sustainability.

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    New York, United States

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