Eleanor Sterling

  • Ivoloina Zoological Park Envrionmental Eductional Center

  • 1993 Global Fellow

Eleanor Sterling
  • Ivoloina Zoological Park Envrionmental Eductional Center

  • 1993 Global Fellow

bold idea

Bring about a revival of environmentalism by developing basic science teaching materials for local primary schools with a focus on wildlife and sustainablity.

organization overview

Ivoloina Zoological Park is operated by the Madagascar Fauna Group under a long-term agreement with the Malagasy government. The Park combines both zoological park and natural habitat on its 282 hectares (697 acres). Ivoloina Zoological Park is home to numerous species of lemurs and hundreds of radiated tortoises. Other notable Malagasy species include spider tortoises, tree boas, tomato frogs, tenrecs, vasa parrots, and panther chameleons. The Park also includes nature trails featuring native plants and an Environmental Education Center.

Personal Bio

Dr. Eleanor Sterling is Chief Conservation Scientist, and Affiliated Professor, Richard Gilder Graduate School, at the American Museum of Natural History’s Center for Biodiversity and Conservation (CBC). She oversees strategic planning and project development, leads fundraising efforts, and manages a multidisciplinary staff of more than thirty. In her capacity as a conservation biologist, Eleanor also conducts fieldwork, studying the distribution patterns of biodiversity in tropical regions of the world and translating this information into recommendations for conservation managers, decision-makers, and educators. Eleanor has extensive expertise developing environmental education programs and professional development workshops, having trained teachers, students, and U.S. Peace Corps volunteers in a variety of subjects related to biodiversity conservation. In 2000, in partnership with colleagues from around the world, Eleanor launched the Network of Conservation Educators and Practitioners.

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    New York, United States

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