Emily Cunningham

Emily Cunningham
bold idea

Eradicate poverty and alleviate hunger by enabling small farmers in rural Ghana to participate in a global market with a demand for high value crops.

organization overview

MoringaConnect empowers smallholder farmers with the tools to reach a global market for high value crops. Our current focus is on the Moringa tree: the nutritionally dense leaves provide farming families with a stable food source, and the valuable oil seeds provide a sustainable income. We provide our farmers with agricultural inputs and capital, aggregate Moringa seeds and process Moringa oil in-country, and export and sell Moringa oil to cosmetics formulators worldwide. We aim to leverage the skills of the smallholder farmer and the profound potential of agriculture in the developing world to eradicate rural poverty.

Personal Bio

Emily Cunningham is co-founder of MoringaConnect, a company that seeks to empower smallholder farmers with the resources to reach a global market for high value crops. Emily first discovered the vast potential of agriculture and the lack of agricultural capital available to farmers while working in microfinance and enterprise development in rural India. Through MIT’s D-Lab, she channeled this passion for rural development into affordable technology design, co-designing a Gates Foundation Award-winning multi-crop thresher and Moringa oil processing technologies in rural Ghana that would lay the foundation for MoringaConnect. She has continued her work with D-Lab, scaling affordable technologies into sustainable businesses. Emily graduated cum laude from Harvard University where she studied economics with a focus on developing economies.

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    Somerville, United States

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