Francesca Raoelison

  • Omena, Inc.

  • 2023 Global Fellow

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  • Omena, Inc.

  • 2023 Global Fellow

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Improve the emotional well-being of children and young adult survivors of emotional abuse in Madagascar by providing a trauma-informed, social-emotional intelligence program that fosters self-love, emotional self-awareness, and healthy relationships and drives positive, community-wide changes.

organization overview

Omena is ending the intergenerational trauma caused by emotional abuse by providing skills-based social-emotional education to children and young adults in Madagascar. Through integration into the school curriculum, social and traditional media campaigns, and survivor-led training, Omena’s preventative, evidence-based approach aims to break the cycle of abuse before it can be repeated. By empowering survivors to heal and educate about abuse, Omena aims to create a generation of cycle-breakers who possess greater self-esteem, inner strength, and healthy relationship skills. Omena’s vision is to create a resilient future for Malagasy communities by driving positive change through the power of emotional well-being.

Personal Bio

Francesca Raoelison is the founder and executive director of Omena, a non-profit organization that focuses on increasing emotional abuse awareness in Madagascar’s educational system by empowering youth and children with the social-emotional learning tools they need to stand up against abuse. Her personal experience as a survivor inspired her to launch the venture. She is a TEDx speaker, an educator, and a Forbes 30 Under 30 scholar. Her work has been featured by MTV and The Boston Globe and supported by UNICEF. Francesca holds a BA from Brown University, where she served as a Social Entrepreneurship teaching assistant and was a Social Innovation Fellow. She is also a mentor at the Clinton Global Initiative University.

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