Gabriel Reyes

  • FLi Sci

  • 2023 Global Fellow

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  • FLi Sci

  • 2023 Global Fellow

bold idea

Diversify the next generation of scientists and physicians by providing early, formative research experiences to students historically excluded from the sciences.

organization overview

FLi Sci supports first-generation or low-income (FLi) students of color by providing them with the formative experiences necessary to pursue academic and medical careers. FLi Sci’s flagship program, FLi Sci Scholars, targets students from schools or in areas with limited science opportunities and empowers them to lead their own research projects. Given the importance of prior research experience in admission to top graduate programs, FLi Sci provides students early exposure that sets them up for success in future opportunities. FLi Sci aims to dramatically diversify the scientific profession to ensure that leading researchers better reflect the demographics of the populations impacted by scientific, medical, and technological breakthroughs.

Personal Bio

Gabriel Reyes is the founder of FLi Sci, an organization dedicated to helping students furthest from academic opportunities pursue careers in science and medicine. After taking their first psychology course at the age of fifteen at the University of New Mexico, Gabriel aspired to pursue a career as a cognitive neuroscientist. However, confronted by the serious absence of scientists from low-income backgrounds, Gabriel became passionate about helping to recruit and retain low-income students of color interested in pursuing research careers. Prior to launching FLi Sci, Gabriel worked with various organizations serving low-income students of color, mentored several marginalized students in research capacities, taught neuroscience courses at New Mexico Tech, and consulted on numerous initiatives dedicated to changing the face of science. A QuestBridge and Gates Millennium Scholar from Albuquerque, New Mexico, Gabriel graduated with honors from Brown University with an Sc.B in cognitive neuroscience and earned an M.S. in neuroscience and education from Columbia University. They are also pursuing a Ph.D. in developmental and psychological sciences at Stanford University as a Knight-Hennessy Scholar.

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    Philadelphia, United States

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