Helga Mutasingwa

  • Afya Pamoja

  • 2022 Global Fellow

Helga Mutasingwa
  • Afya Pamoja

  • 2022 Global Fellow

bold idea

Improve health care outcomes for all communities in Tanzania by using digital technology to collect patient feedback, share actionable insights, and include citizen voice at the heart of public health decision-making.

organization overview

Afya Pamoja provides a digital patient feedback service built on low-cost, widely accessible SMS technology to connect the views and experiences of care recipients at public-sector primary health care facilities with public health decision-makers in local and national government in Tanzania. This service supports patient-centered, higher-quality, and responsive essential health care services, which ultimately leads to improved health care outcomes for all communities. Afya Pamoja is partnering with government to deeply integrate this service into existing government processes and technologies, and to scale this service nationally to all 7,000 public-sector facilities in Tanzania, which serve over 50 million people.

Personal Bio

Helga Mutasingwa, co-founder and director of programs at Afya Pamoja, works with national and local government to scale the service and determine details of implementation. Helga also makes major contributions to program design and delivery, determining how clients interact with the digital service and how data can be optimized to drive impact from the service. Helga previously worked as a medical doctor and public health professional for six years, interacting daily with patients in community facilities and with local government officials. This gave Helga a great understanding of the need for patient feedback in public health decision-making. Helga holds a medical degree from Hubert Kairuki Memorial University and is a leading advocate for women’s health through her work as a board member of Tanzanian Girl Guides Association and Global Youth Mobilisation.

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    Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

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