Jason Wee

  • Persatuan Pendidikan Diversiti (Architects of Diversity)

  • 2022 Global Fellow

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  • Persatuan Pendidikan Diversiti (Architects of Diversity)

  • 2022 Global Fellow

bold idea

Foster an equitable and inclusive Malaysia for people of all backgrounds by building spaces that cultivate empathic, justice-oriented, and anti-discriminatory youth.

organization overview

Architects of Diversity bridges communities and identity groups among youth in Malaysia to work toward justice, peace, and a sustainable future. AOD does this by building spaces that facilitate interpersonal understanding and intergroup relationships. AOD advocates for anti-discrimination in education and trains youth to be leaders of diversity and inclusion. In the short term, AOD seeks to build a generation that can effectively challenge inequality. Eventually, AOD wants to see a Malaysia where individuals of all backgrounds are able to belong.

Personal Bio

Jason Wee is the co-founder of Architects of Diversity. Since founding the organization in 2018 while a student at Princeton University, Jason has established AOD as a leading youth-led civil society organization working at the intersection of youth, social justice, and education. As a graduate of United World Colleges, Jason is inspired by the potential of education to foster understanding between youth to transform conflict and prejudice. At home in Malaysia, he designs and delivers bilingual curricula on diversity and inclusion to students, youth, and educators. Jason also works on primary research and strategic communication to support greater understanding of discrimination and racial conflict. His work with AOD has been covered by all major media outlets in Malaysia and is the go-to resource for social cohesion among youth.

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    Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

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