Jeremiah-Lemi Muia

  • Carbofix East Africa

  • 2018 Climate Fellow

Jeremiah-Lemi Muia
  • Carbofix East Africa

  • 2018 Climate Fellow

bold idea

Capture carbon dioxide emissions for the energy and industrial sectors in Kenya by converting CO2 to value-added, revenue generating products.

organization overview

Carbofix East-Africa Ltd. works to improve air quality and control of unmitigated CO2 emissions from the energy and industrial sectors in Kenya and East Africa by capturing CO2, using low-cost inputs, and converting it to value-added products like glass, baking soda, and ethanol for extra revenue besides cashing in on the resultant carbon credits from the emissions reductions. Carbofix East-Africa Ltd. strives to be the best one-stop-shop partner in Africa on the full carbon capture, use, or storage value chain to help clients de-carbonize emissions for a reduced carbon footprint across the African continent.

Personal Bio

Jeremiah Lemi is founder and CEO of Carbofix East-Africa Ltd. He is passionate about improving the air quality of the fast-growing energy and industrial sectors in Kenya and neighboring countries that emit unmitigated greenhouse gases, especially CO2. He leads a dynamic team of experts offering qualified consultancy services on plant-specific carbon capture options for clients spanning the steel, coal, thermal power generation, cement, and other related CO2-emitting industries. He is a PhD candidate studying climate change mitigation science and technology at Nairobi University and a member of UNFCCC CCUS since 2011. He co-founded CCUS Africa Institute.

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    Nairobi, Kenya

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