Jocelyne Agbo

  • Farm On Wheels

  • 2020 Global Fellow

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  • Farm On Wheels

  • 2020 Global Fellow

bold idea

Increase production capacity, yield, and income of smallholder rural farmers in remote communities by providing direct access to agricultural inputs, services, and market linkage.

organization overview

Farm On Wheels enables smallholder rural farmers to improve food security and way of life at the family level first, with the deeper mission of providing a better life for rural women and youth to reduce poverty in hard-to-reach rural communities. Farm On Wheels provides direct access to quality farm inputs, training, extension services, input credit, and market linkage, enabling farmers to increase their production capacity, yield, and income. Over the long term, Farm On Wheels is committed to improving the lives of smallholder rural farmers, preserving the environment, and contributing to food security.

Personal Bio

Jocelyne Agbo is the founder of Farm On Wheels, a social enterprise that works with smallholder rural farmers in hard-to-reach communities. Jocelyne is a gender-focused social entrepreneur with a passion for low-income families. A computer science graduate, she also studied business and entrepreneurship at the University of Wisconsin–Stout as a Mandela Washington Fellow. Jocelyne is a D-Prize award winner and a Global Social Benefit Institute (GSBI) alumni. Growing up in a family of smallholder farmers, Jocelyne understands firsthand their challenges and the mindset of “farming is for the poor,” and thus she has moved to solve these challenges by working tirelessly to better the lives of smallholder rural farmers earning less than a dollar a day. Jocelyne is a 2020 Echoing Green Fellow.

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    Minna,, Nigeria

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