John Ntonta

  • Kadiwaku Family Foundation

  • 2018 Global Fellow

John Ntonta
  • Kadiwaku Family Foundation

  • 2018 Global Fellow

bold idea

Reduce poverty and inequality for people with disabilities in the Democratic Republic of Congo by applying an entrepreneurial approach to enhance their quality of life.

organization overview

The Kadiwaku Family Foundation (KFF) is dedicated to eradicating poverty for persons with disabilities and advocating for their rights by providing training and creating accessible business opportunities. KFF aims to create an environment free of negative attitudes about the abilities of disabled people, where all people with and without disabilities have the same opportunity.

Personal Bio

John Kadiwaku Ntonta is founder and president of the Kadiwaku Family Foundation. Previously, John worked in the field of philanthropy, serving as a disability rights consultant to many local organizations and foundations. In light of the relevant economic, social, and environmental factors in Africa, especially in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, he created the Kadiwaku Family Foundation to address accessibility in all spheres of life and to enhance the quality of life and living standards for all disabled persons.

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    Bridgeport, United States

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