Juan Maldonado

Juan Maldonado
bold idea

Unlock millions of dollars in support for families in Latin America by replacing traditional remittances with SMS e-gift cards for local retails.

organization overview

Arcus is a B2B fintech company providing a better way for people to manage, strengthen, and secure their personal financial health. Arcus achieves this by working with over 40 financial institutions that trust Arcus to help their customers put their personal financial life on autopilot while eliminating late fees and financial stress.

Personal Bio

Juan Maldonado is one of the co-founders of Arcus, a B2B fintech company dedicated to improving financial lives. Arcus graduated from Y Combinator in 2013 and powers some of the largest financial institutions in the world. Prior to Arcus, Juan was a Director at The Financial Clinic, a nonprofit financial development organization, where he managed a number of projects for three years. He also worked as an analyst at Lehman Brothers for four years. Before the corporate world, Juan worked as a janitor for seven years while putting himself through college. He grew up in the Bronx on public assistance and was able to escape poverty when he purchased his first home in Queens, at age 19. His entire life has been dedicated to promoting financial health and personal growth and is deeply passionate about helping others.

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    Corona, United States

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