Juliana Gutierrez

Juliana Gutierrez
bold idea

Educate, connect, and empower citizens to foster collective solutions to tackle climate change in cities.

organization overview

Low Carbon City is a citizen-led global platform building collective solutions to tackle climate change in cities. Low Carbon City educates citizens using creative, participatory, and artistic tools to enhance climate friendly lifestyles. Low Carbon City connect citizens with experts and champions to exchange knowledge and we implement solutions with local communities creating tools for advocacy and building EcoDistricts. Through citizen empowerment and mobilization, Low Carbon City’s goal is to foster Low Carbon Districts with sustainable modes of transport (walking, cycling and public transport), zero-waste solutions, local markets with climate friendly products and services, community-driven urban gardening and breathable green public spaces.

Personal Bio

Juliana Gutiérrez was the co-founder and co-director of Low Carbon City, a citizen-led global platform building collective solutions to tackle climate change in cities. She has focused her career in international cooperation for the development and sustainability, working, volunteering and leading different social and environmental causes in public, private and academic sector in organizations like UN-Habitat, UNDP, Amnesty International, AIESEC, La Ciudad Verde, among others. From an academic perspective, she has been researching about low carbon development and post-2020 climate change governance. After earning a BS in finance and international relations and post-graduate studies in political studies in FUSM and EAFIT universities, respectively, she took international cooperation post-graduate studies in UOC- Catalunya, earned a MA in environmental studies from IIFA- Madrid, and a MA in international studies from Korea University through a KOICA fellowship.

She is now the board chair of Low Carbon City and working with COMFAMA.

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    Medellín, Colombia

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