Kathryn Finney

  • digitalundivided

  • 2016 Global Fellow

Kathryn Finney
  • digitalundivided

  • 2016 Global Fellow

bold idea

Foster economic development in communities of color by empowering black and Latina women tech entrepreneurs.

organization overview

digitalundivided (DID) invests in the success of innovative Black and Latina women entrepreneurs by providing them with the network, coaching, and funding to build and scale their companies. Like no one else, DID excels at finding Black and Latina women entrepreneurs with high-growth companies and game-changing ideas; connecting them to an unmatched network of investors, mentors, and influencers; developing their startup toolkit and leadership skills; and supporting their entrepreneurship journey from the build phase to exit with the goal of doubling the number of women of color entrepreneurs who raise outside investment by 2020.

Personal Bio

If disbursement use account info for Genius Guild Accounts — accounts@geniusguild.co.

Kathryn Finney, Founder and CEO Genius Guild/General Partner—The Greenhouse Fund “One of the most influential women in tech” (Inc Magazine). 3x Founder. 3x published author (Random House). Builder of things that change industries. Champion of diversity in entrepreneurship. Founder and CEO of Genius Guild, a business creation platform that uses the venture studio model (Lab & Venture Fund) to invest in Black entrepreneurs building scalable businesses that serve black communities and beyond. Creator micro-investment enterprise, The Doonie Fund. Founder of the first venture fund focused on women of color. Visionary behind ProjectDiane. Founder of groundbreaking social enterprise digitalundivided. OG digital influencer (sold company in 2012). Angel Investor in 10+ companies. Has a day named after her in New York City.

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    Atlanta, United States

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