Katy Ashe

Katy Ashe
bold idea

Improve health outcomes and save lives of at-risk patients by training families to provide high-quality, low-risk care in the hospital and at home.

organization overview

Noora Health’s mission is to improve health outcomes for the disenfranchised. They deliver health skills training to at-risk patient families – certifying them in everything from hygiene to recognition of early-warning signs. Noora Health meets users where they are by turning hospital hallways, waiting rooms and wards into classrooms. By certifying families in the conditions they face, Noora gives them the ability to heal and prevent disease when they return home. Their goal is to create a more resilient health system by building capacity at the household level, placing care in the hands of those who need it most.

Personal Bio

Katy Ashe is the co-founder and chief design officer of Noora Health, a nonprofit that trains marginalized patient families with health skills to improve outcomes and save lives. Katy believes that disenfranchised communities deserve access to the actionable health information they need to improve wellbeing and prevent disease. With a background in engineering, scientific research, and human centered design, she believes that transformative change comes from within communities and just needs help being unleashed. Before Noora Health, Katy led a research campaign in the Peruvian Amazon on the devastating environmental and health impacts of illegal gold mining, while a researcher at Carnegie Institution for Science and Stanford University. She has a BS in Environmental Engineering and a MS in Environmental Fluid Mechanics from Stanford University. Katy was recently featured as one of the “30 Social Entrepreneurs Under 30” by Forbes.

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    Oakland, United States

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