Khaled Shaaban

  • Subul Impact Outsourcing

  • 2022 Global Fellow

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  • Subul Impact Outsourcing

  • 2022 Global Fellow

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Enhance the quality of life and local economy of conflict-affected communities in the Middle East by providing professional skills training and access to work in the international digital labor market.

organization overview

Subul Impact Outsourcing helps international businesses access a skilled workforce by connecting conflict-affected people in the Middle East with access to work in the digital labor market. Subul’s mission is to improve the lives of people in conflict-affected communities and help them achieve prosperity, while also filling the needs of international businesses. Subul provides training in digital and professional skills to vulnerable individuals whose local opportunities are limited, then connects them to the international market. Businesses can expand ethically and increase their social impact by accessing Subul’s motivated but disadvantaged workforce.

Personal Bio

Khaled Shaaban, founder/CEO of Subul and the founder of Roia Foundation, strives to provide opportunities for Syrians affected by the war. Khaled started his IT career in 2000 and spent 10 years as an IT specialist, but his life took a significant turn in 2011, which brought the births of both the Syrian revolution and his daughter. Khaled decided to harness his IT skills to provide communications and technical services to facilitate lifesaving humanitarian assistance. Although he was detained and tortured by the Syrian regime, he remained determined to dedicate his life to helping his people. After being forced to leave the country in 2013, he reestablished his work remotely and established Roia in Turkey, through which he and his team have implemented numerous ICT projects to provide opportunities for people across the Middle East. In 2019, Khaled established Subul, and in 2021, he sought asylum in the Netherlands, where he continues to manage these efforts to provide jobs for hundreds of conflict-affected people living in a refugee camp.

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    Leersum, Netherlands

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