Kristina Hugar

Kristina Hugar
bold idea

Dramatically reduce the presence of fossil fuels in industrial production by reducing the adoption barriers for renewable hydrogen.

organization overview

Ecolectro is tackling the high cost often associated with renewable hydrogen production by creating polymers that enable the use of base metals in electrochemical systems instead of precious metals like platinum. Lowering the adoption barrier of these systems enables more installations that can use renewable energy to produce hydrogen as a fuel and chemical. Moreover, Ecolectro’s technology can facilitate the use of renewables in the grid by storing excess energy in the form of hydrogen in power-to-gas operations, and ultimately making unit, energy, and hydrogen cost-competitive with fossil-fuel-based alternatives.

Personal Bio

Kristina Hugar is co-founder and CSO of Ecolectro. Her passion is using fundamental chemistry design principles to create materials that add value and increase the performance of technologies that will replace inefficient and outdated methods. Kristina started working on materials for clean energy while obtaining her PhD in chemistry at Cornell University and is a co-inventor of the company’s proprietary materials.

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    Ithaca, United States

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