Lawrence Miller

Lawrence Miller
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Empower engaged couples to unite the joy and wealth of wedding celebrations with effective nonprofit organizations.

organization overview

The I Do Foundation helps engaged couples bring a charitable focus to their marriage by uniting the joy and wealth of wedding celebrations with effective nonprofit organizations. The I Do Foundation’s recommended nonprofit partners include education programs, family empowerment projects, community development work, civil and human rights initiatives, health promotion efforts, and environmental protection programs. The I Do Foundation has made a special commitment to support organizations working for low-income and underserved populations. In addition to its recommended partners, the I Do Foundation also donates to organizations suggested by its couples. The I Do Foundation invites every engaged couple to share their celebration with a broader community. By adding a charitable element to their wedding, engaged couples can affirm their commitment as a family to a lifetime of community involvement.

Personal Bio

Lawrence Miller is a geek-cum-do-gooder and 2002 Echoing Green fellow. He attended Swarthmore College, where he majored in Computer Science and went on to a career in the dot-com industry. In his spare time, Miller created one of the first online speculative fiction magazines, “Fables”, and provided websites to fine arts institutions through his first non- profit venture, the Meredith Miller Memorial Internet Project. In 2001, he left the for-profit world altogether, joining with Bethany Robertson to create the I Do Foundation, where he continues to serve as the Director of Technology.

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    Newtown Square, United States

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