Liene Jurgelane

Liene Jurgelane
bold idea

Reduce oppression of women in eastern Europe by creating a holistic learning and leadership program rooted in feminism and social justice.

organization overview

new visions challenges and transforms oppressive norms and narratives through learning, research, and consultancy, exercising a compassionate and critical approach. In addition to consulting and supporting organizations in their commitments to changing organizational structures and cultures into just and equitable ones, new visions is developing a learning and leadership program for women from Eastern Europe working in culture. The program, which embraces a holistic approach to learning, is rooted in a feminist, cross-generational, social justice approach and aimed at creating an international network of social innovators to fulfill the vision of a world where differences are embraced and cherished.

Personal Bio

Liene Jurgelaine is co-founder of new visions, an organization with the approach and mission to drive sustainable and systemic social change. At new visions, Liene fuses her many years of experience working at the intersection of two fields (arts/creative industries and education) with her commitment to strive for a world built on justice, equality, and solidarity. Prior to new visions, Liene was part of the team running the most well-known and socially engaged independent cultural center in Riga, the Kanepes Culture Centre, as well as co-organizer of the annual music, arts, and education festival Kometa. She also worked in the field of global learning and antidiscrimination education for over 10 years. Liene was a fellow of the first cohort of Teach for All members in Latvia, Iespejama misija, as well as a fellow of BalticLab, an innovation program for creatives and entrepreneurs in the Baltic Sea region, and the Global Learning Network of Young Europeans. Liene holds a bachelor’s degree in arts and is working toward an MA in social anthropology. Liene is a 2019 Echoing Green Fellow.

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    Berlin, Germany

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