M. C. McGrath

  • Transparency Toolkit

  • 2013 Global Fellow

M. C. McGrath
  • Transparency Toolkit

  • 2013 Global Fellow

bold idea

Facilitate the disclosure of information to the public using open-source transparency toolkits that enable journalists and organizations to rapidly consolidate, evaluate, and release critical data. 

organization overview

Transparency Toolkit increases access to public interest information with a software toolkit for disclosure of understandable and actionable information. Transparency Toolkit builds this open source web application with collaborative tools to collect, analyze, and release documents and data, and helps journalists, human rights organizations, and others use the toolkit in their work.

Personal Bio

M. C. McGrath is a social entrepreneur focused on the power of transparency for uncovering and solving problems in government and other institutions. M. C. founded Transparency Toolkit after becoming frustrated as a free information activist with the failure of existing transparency initiatives to release understandable information. Before Transparency Toolkit, M. C. studied civic technology at Boston University and performed research at the MIT Media Lab.

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    Civil and Human Rights

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    Danvers, United States

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