Manik Jolly

  • Grassroots & Rural Innovative Development

  • 2016 Climate Fellow

Manik Jolly
  • Grassroots & Rural Innovative Development

  • 2016 Climate Fellow

bold idea

Provide electricity, clean drinking water and digital connectivity to rural India by creating village-owned, financially-viable solar microgrids.

organization overview

Grassroots and Rural Innovative Development (GRID) aims at providing low-cost and efficient energy and water solutions to rural and semi-urban areas through solar microgrids. The organization aims to establish high-quality microgrids that are commercially viable and profitable, engaging villagers and local entrepreneurs as partners and operators. By giving sustainable electricity, clean drinking water and digital connectivity at affordable prices to villages, GRID is working to bring education, health support, clean drinking water, women empowerment, and digital connectivity through its partners in the village. In five years, GRID aims to be the world’s largest microgrids developer impacting millions through its solutions.

Personal Bio

Manik M Jolly is founder and CEO of GRID (Grassroots and Rural Innovative Development) Pvt Ltd, and also a member of global team of experts at ISEP at John Hopkins University, working on global energy policy focused on regions having challenges with energy access. Previously he has worked with SunEdison, World Bank, and Deloitte with a focus on Energy access in South and SE Asia. He was awarded the REX fellowship in 2016 and WWF (UK) Global Green game changer recognition in 2013. As a consultant, speaker and trainer with the UN, IFC, World Bank, Ministries of Power and Renewable Energy in India, he has worked extensively on energy access in rural areas, creating solar microgrid solutions. Presently he heads GRID, which aims to create energy and clean water solution for rural areas. A twice-decorated military veteran, Manik is convinced that the future of profitable and sustainable microgrid and water solutions lies in community engagement, simple yet reliable technology, and quality electricity.

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    New Delhi, India

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