Matt Dickson

  • Eggpreneur Initiative

  • 2016 Global Fellow

Matt Dickson
  • Eggpreneur Initiative

  • 2016 Global Fellow

bold idea

End the cycle of poverty in remote Kenyan rural communities by training women to produce, harvest, and bring to market quality fresh eggs.

organization overview

As a social enterprise startup, Eggpreneur works with impoverished women (“Eggpreneurs”) to build sustainable egg farming ventures. It achieves this goal through empowering young women with knowledge, skills, and resources to launch their own egg farming business. Eggpreneur ensures secure and sustainable income opportunities while directly improving family nutrition and household income. Eggpreneur uses a micro-egg production (small-scale poultry farming) model to train and assist women to harvest and sell quality fresh eggs to local Kenyan hotel chains and markets while reserving a portion of their eggs for family consumption.

Personal Bio

Matt Dickson is the founder of the Eggpreneur Initiative. He manages staff, women (“Eggpreneurs”), and in-country egg productions and is co-founder of Tapona International (a not-for-profit organization focusing on child nutrition, education, and development). Born and raised in Kenya, Matt understands the realities of poverty. As the eldest of six children, Matt was determined to utilize every opportunity to pave the pathway toward a better and healthier life for his family and community. After successfully completing several post-secondary programs in Ontario, Canada, Matt secured an internship and later work at Grand Challenges Canada with the Stars in Global Health division, where he then realized and responded to his inner conviction to serve as an authentic agent of change in Kenya and Africa. Matt’s novel idea of combining health and entrepreneurship has earned him the UNESCO Award for Humanitarian work and the Global Citizenship Award from Centennial College. He holds an MSc degree in global health from McMaster University, a diploma in pharmacy from Centennial College, and a BSc degree from the University of Eastern Baraton.

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    Machakos, Kenya

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