Melvin Yee

Melvin Yee
bold idea

Protect the economic rights of thousands of poor workers by enforcing the collection of unpaid wages and creating a permanent enforcement mechanism for wage rights.

organization overview

The Wage Justice Center works to provide a systematic solution to protect the basic economic rights of workers and enforce the collection of the approximately $50 million in unpaid wages by these employers. The Center’s unique approach of enforcing judgments and creating a permanent enforcement mechanism for wage rights contributes to the growing national movement of organizations that combat the systemic inequality facing America’s poorest workers. Using elements of commercial law, debtor-creditor law, corporation’s law, trusts/estates law and bankruptcy law, the Wage Justice Center, in its first three years, collected more than $800,000 in funds owed to low-income workers and provided assistance to hundreds of workers.

Personal Bio

Founding Director, Matthew Sirolly attended the Gould School of Law at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles.

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    Glendale, United States

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