Mercedes Cano

  • Centro Communitario Y De Asesoria Legal Inc

  • 2000 Global Fellow

  • Centro Communitario Y De Asesoria Legal Inc

  • 2000 Global Fellow

bold idea

Protect the civil and labor rights of the Hispanic community through a strategy built on education, organization, and information.

Personal Bio

Mercedes S. Cano is self-employed in private law practice, specializing in immigration, family law, criminal law, and real estate. She also serves as Director to Centro, providing legal counsel, general oversight, legal and informational workshops and seminars, legal counsel and general oversight. She has received numerous awards for her work with the immigrant communities of Queens, including being named as one of New York City’s 50 most outstanding women in the community by El Diario La Prensa, receiving the Initiative for Public Interest Grant from Yale University, a Citation of Honor from Queens Borough President, and a special recognition from the New York City Council for her work with the immigrant community. Mercedes received her BA in English Literature cum laude from Queens College and her JD from CUNY School of Law.

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    Jackson Heights, United States

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