Michael Belinsky

Michael Belinsky
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Radically improve life opportunities in developing countries by developing innovative contracting and financing structures that tie public funding awards to real world performance outcomes.

organization overview

Instiglio radically improves the way governments and donors fund social programs in developing countries. Instiglio structures impact-based contracts called social impact bonds (SIBs) where governments pay NGOs and their private investors only for achieving pre-defined outcomes. With its performance incentives, SIBs attract additional private capital to the social sector and foster a culture of performance in NGOs. Instiglio’s innovation saves taxpayer money and improves performance of social programs.

Personal Bio

Michael Belinsky is currently the Case Team Leader at The Bridgespan Group.
Michael Belinsky was founding partner of Instiglio, a nonprofit organization that works on results-based financing programs and Social Impact Bonds in international development. At Instiglio, Michael works to unite leaders from the public, private and social sectors to improve the performance of social programs. Prior to Instiglio, Michael was a teaching assistant for “Entrepreneurship in the Private and Social Sectors,” a joint class taught at Harvard Business School and Harvard Kennedy School. Michael was also an associate at Advanced Analytical Consulting Group in Boston, MA. Michael is the recipient of the War and Peace Fellowship and the Paganucci Fellowship from Dartmouth College, and was a fellow at the Hauser Center for Nonprofits at Harvard University in 2012. Michael holds an AB in economics and government from Dartmouth College and an MPP from Harvard Kennedy School, where he was managing editor of the Harvard Kennedy Review.

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    New York, United States

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