Neo Hutiri

  • Pelebox

  • 2022 Global Fellow

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  • Pelebox

  • 2022 Global Fellow

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Establish inclusive, affordable, and high-quality health care for Black patients across southern Africa by introducing innovative technologies that increase access to chronic medication.

organization overview

Pelebox’s mission is to develop technologies that will increase access to affordable, quality health care within Black communities. As patients themselves living with HIV or noncommunicable diseases, Pelebox’s health care and other professionals seek to provide the type of health care service they want to experience. Pelebox’s Smart Dispensing Locker System makes it simple and quick for patients to retrieve medications for their chronic illnesses—in under 30 seconds, instead of waiting for hours in the clinic.

Personal Bio

Neo Hutiri is the founder and managing director of Pelebox. After graduating from the University of Cape Town with a B.Sc. in electrical engineering, Neo joined the steel manufacturing industry as an automation engineer. He later took up an operations management role as a technical assistant to the COO while also completing a M.Eng. in industrial engineering at Wits University in Johannesburg. When he was diagnosed with tuberculosis, he experienced firsthand the lack of affordable, equitable, accessible healthcare in Black communities, a legacy of the apartheid system. This experience inspired him to undergo a mid-career change into public health care, systems change, and patient advocacy.

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    Johannesburg, South Africa

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