Racquel Bonner

  • Fit To Navigate

  • 2022 Global Fellow

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  • Fit To Navigate

  • 2022 Global Fellow

bold idea

Combat recidivism rates and secure financial stability for incarcerated women and mothers by equipping them with employable skills through a national wellness certification program.

organization overview

Fit to Navigate provides wellness education to improve the lives of women in and out of the prison system. By creating a path to entrepreneurship, sustainable wages, and reduced recidivism for women living in Ohio, Fit to Navigate imagines a world where health transformation and an enriching tribe are available to all who seek them.

Personal Bio

Rokki Bonner is the founder of the social enterprise Fit to Navigate. With over 25 years of experience as a wellness entrepreneur, she is passionate about using fitness (being fit in mind and body) to cultivate well-being for women and communities affected by the criminal justice system.

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    Racial Equity

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    Columbus, United States

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