Rumaitha Al Busaidi

  • WomeX

  • 2021 Global Fellow

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  • WomeX

  • 2021 Global Fellow

bold idea

Foster economic independence for millennial women in the Arab world by equipping women leaders in the workplace with culturally relevant programming that teaches negotiation skills and promotes confidence building.

organization overview

The WomeX platform equips women with the tools necessary to control their careers and their lives by teaching them negotiation skills. WomeX fosters economic independence for millenial women in the Arab world by equipping women in the workplace with culturally relevant programming that helps them achieve their utmost potential. WomeX came into existence after its founder witnessed a substantial gap in confidence-building for millennial women, particularly in developing a growth mindset. WomeX is a resource for aspiring Arab women to grow and achieve more together.

Personal Bio

Omani scientist, activist, and athlete Rumaitha Al Busaidi motivates Arab women to step into spaces previously denied to them—whether it’s a football field, volcano summit, or the front line of the battle against climate change. In May 2021, Rumaitha debuted her TED Talk, garnering almost a million views, in which she looks at why women are more likely to be impacted and displaced by climate catastrophes and explains why access to education, employment, and family planning services is the key to our climate future. Growing up, Rumaitha struggled to find role models who represented aspirations she had for herself. She decided to encourage women to dream big, choosing radio and social media to shed light on this social paradigm. She founded WomeX, a platform to teach negotiation skills to Arab women to nurture a new wave of “girl bosses” in the region. In addition to being a Harvard graduate, Rumaitha is the Arab world’s first female soccer analyst and the youngest Omani woman to set foot on the South Pole.

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    Qurum, Oman

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