Sandra Kwak

  • 10Power

  • 2017 Climate Fellow

Sandra Kwak
  • 10Power

  • 2017 Climate Fellow

bold idea

Provide renewable energy to the 1.3 billion people on the planet who lack electricity today by collaborating with local partners and providing renewable project development and finance.

organization overview

10Power provides project development and finance for renewable energy storage and generation in communities that lack access to electricity, promoting clean water, gender equality, and ecosystem restoration. In Haiti, 10Power has installed solar on water purification facilities providing drinking water to families and schools in surrounding communities, each supporting over 300 micro-enterprises (majority women owned). 10Power is currently executing on a $150M pipeline of high-impact commercial and industrial solar projects in Haiti, with international expansion plans. 10Power is decoupling GHG emissions from growth in emerging markets, applying renewable energy and cutting-edge technology to create quantum development for regenerative growth.

Personal Bio

Sandra Kwak is the founder and CEO of 10Power, a company bringing renewable energy to global communities that lack access to electricity through project development and finance. She brings a decade of experience in the energy industry, previously working with AutoGrid to create energy-saving apps for utilities using smart meter big data, scaling the company through $14M in financing from prototype to a global brand with 2 Giga-watts under management. Sandra co-founded and served as president and COO of energy efficiency company Powerzoa and at Pacific Gas and Electric Utility implementing a program to offset emissions associated with electricity generation. While obtaining her Sustainable MBA from Presidio Graduate School, Sandra’s team designed and implemented a micro-finance model for organic farmers’ collectives in rural Nicaragua to get solar powered drip irrigation systems. She holds a BA in Political Science and Visual Art from Emory University, has taught at SFSU and guest lectures at CCA and Stanford. Sandra is an AutoDesk Impact Entrepreneur, and an OpenIDEO Top Climate Innovator featured as a speaker at a COP21 event.

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