Sonya Shin

  • MDRTP Project of Lima, Peru

  • 1996 Global Fellow

  • MDRTP Project of Lima, Peru

  • 1996 Global Fellow

Personal Bio

Sonya Shin, MD, MPH received her MD in 1998 from Harvard Medical School and her MPH from Harvard School of Public Health in 2004. She is an Assistant Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School and an Associate Physician in the Division of Infectious Diseases and the Division of Global Health Equity at Brigham and Women’s Hospital. Sonya trained in Infectious Diseases and provides HIV and TB care in Boston, Peru, Russia, and elsewhere. Her research projects include a randomized trial to treat alcohol disorders among TB patients in Russia, an operational study to assess the clinical and cost-effectiveness impact of rapid-drug susceptibility testing when implemented in Peru under program conditions, and a cluster-randomized trial to provide community-based accompaniment with supervised antiretroviral therapy to impoverished HIV patients in Peru. She is also leading a project to provide community-based care for individuals with poorly-controlled chronic diseases in the Navajo Nation.

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    Boston, United States

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