Stéphane de Messiéres

  • Fosfo

  • 2009 Global Fellow

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  • Fosfo

  • 2009 Global Fellow

bold idea

Leverage crowd-sourcing tools to inform consumers seeking to engage in ethical consumption, enabling these consumers to use their full market power to influence environmental and social issues.

organization overview

Fosfo is a movement to illuminate business behavior. We empower folks to shine a light on any company’s behavior: social or environmental, local or global, naughty or nice.  We organize the information into company scores that consumers can customize to match their own values.  And we make it easy for consumers to compare those scores while they shop.  Imagine scanning a barcode with your mobile phone to instantly see a company score that reflects your personal priorities: global warming, sweatshops, equal opportunity, lobbying, philanthropy or dozens of other issues. Fosfo is a 501c3 nonprofit organization incubated at the Harvard Kennedy School and sponsored by Echoing Green.

Personal Bio

Stéphane de Messières is director of product management for Ashoka’s Global Partnerships Team, where he enhances the strategic impact, alignment, and sustainability of dozens of Ashoka offerings. Stéphane also leads Ashoka’s relationship with American Express. Stéphane is a 2009 Echoing Green Fellow and founder of Fosfo, a movement to illuminate business behavior and empower ethical consumers. Stéphane also helped launch and managed operations for Oxfam America’s R4 Rural Resilience Initiative, a multi-sector collaboration that delivers drought insurance and other risk management services to farmers in Ethiopia and Senegal. He holds a 2007 master in public policy from the Harvard Kennedy School, where he co-led the student Corporate Responsibility Council and joined the Social Enterprise Collaboratory. Stéphane’s other passions include his partner Justine, their three children, and breakfast—not necessarily in that order.

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    Takoma Park, United States

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