Susan Mizner

  • Poverty & Disability Rights Project

  • 1992 Global Fellow

Susan Mizner
  • Poverty & Disability Rights Project

  • 1992 Global Fellow

Personal Bio

Susan Mizner is Disability Counsel for the American Civil Liberties Union. She established the ACLU Disability Rights Program in 2012 and leads the ACLU’s strategic plan for disability rights. The Disability Rights Program litigates cases, introduces and supports legislation, and coordinates with national and state ACLU offices on disability rights litigation and policy. Prior to joining the ACLU, Ms. Mizner served for nine years as Director of the San Francisco Mayor’s Office on Disability, directing the City’s ADA Self-Evaluation and Transition Plan and working with the Mayor, Board of Supervisors, community organizations, and local citizens on disability rights issues. Ms. Mizner also worked for seven years as the coordinating attorney for the Bar Association of San Francisco’s Poverty and Disability Rights Project. After law school, Ms. Mizner received an Echoing Green Fellowship to advocate for homeless people with disabilities. She obtained her B.A. in Chemical Engineering and English from Yale University and her J.D. from Stanford University.

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    Civil and Human Rights

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    San Francisco, United States

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