Thell Robinson

  • Halt Violence

  • 2018 Black Male Achievement Fellow

Thell Robinson
  • Halt Violence

  • 2018 Black Male Achievement Fellow

bold idea

Reduce rates of violence and incarceration among black youth by providing alternatives to violent behavior, credible role models, and hands-on conflict mediation.

organization overview

Halt Violence stops black youth from becoming part of the criminal justice system by preventing them from engaging in violent criminal conduct. Halt Violence’s street-credible community ambassadors deescalate imminent threats of violence through interventions and mediations. The organization provides alternatives to violent behavior, credible role models, and resources to empower youth to stop the cycle of incarceration with black families. Halt Violence seeks to transform the lives of youth and young adults who are black or who are gang members or potential gang members and create safe and prosperous neighborhoods in Columbus, Ohio.

Personal Bio

Thell Robinson is founder and CEO of Halt Violence. As a young man in Maryland, Thell became entrenched in dealing drugs and engaging in violent criminal conduct that ultimately caused his incarceration. Thell has completely transformed his life, earning his bachelor’s degree and dedicating his life to helping risk-taking black youth and young adults. Thell was trained in the Urban Peace Academy for violence intervention mediation with gangs and has training in Moral Reconation Therapy, which identifies youth incarceration patterns. Thell received the Ohio Restored Citizen Summit 2017 Award and the Judicial Recognition Award from Franklin County Court of Common Pleas, Juvenile Division, for his work that resulted in a decrease in youth violence.

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    Columbus, United States

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