Tolulope Sonuyi

  • Detroit Life Is Valuable Everyday (DLIVE)

  • 2019 Black Male Achievement Fellow

Tolulope Sonuyi
  • Detroit Life Is Valuable Everyday (DLIVE)

  • 2019 Black Male Achievement Fellow

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Design and create pathways to health for youth who have been acutely injured by community violence by introducing innovative health-centered strategies for violence intervention and prevention.

organization overview

DLIVE is shifting the paradigm in re-imagining how Community Violence can be treated while advancing health outcomes, social justice, and economic mobility for Detroit’s young adults. As a health-centered violence intervention and prevention organization, DLIVE creates trauma-informed pathways of opportunity and delivers health-rooted solutions for Detroit’s young people who have experienced Community Violence. With an uncompromising focus on the social determinants of health and mental health, DLIVE’s work to prevent premature death and disability, incarceration, and toxic stress that is prohibitive to community revitalization contributes to a healthier Detroit.

Personal Bio

Tolulope Sonuyi has dedicated his life to public service both through his role as an Emergency Medicine Physician in Detroit Michigan and community advocate. Refusing to ignore the cycle of preventable premature death and disability among Detroit’s youth/young adult population, Tolulope decided to take action. Tolulope has reimagined his role as a physician and transformed his energy to delivering health-rooted, community-based upstream solutions directly geared toward advancing the health outcomes of Detroit’s brilliant youth/young adults who have been impacted by community violence. Dr. Sonuyi secondarily extends DLIVE’s health impact into the rich, yet marginalized Detroit communities that have been the target of historical trauma and divestment. Recognition for his work with DLIVE has included the Crain’s Health Hero Award, Alkebu-lan’s Community Leadership Award, and Emergency Medicine Physician of the Year by the Michigan College of Emergency Physicians.

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    Detroit, United States

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