Zoe Wong

  • Cerplus

  • 2016 Climate Fellow

Zoe Wong
  • Cerplus

  • 2016 Climate Fellow

bold idea

Reduce methane gas emissions from food waste by creating a B2B marketplace that connects discounted surplus produce to food businesses.

organization overview

Cerplus is on a mission to eliminate waste in our food system. This online B2B marketplace connects discounted surplus produce with food businesses in food service and consumer products. Farms and wholesalers list their surplus produce (fruits and vegetables that are typically cosmetically challenged, ripe, or simply in excess), food businesses shop for what they need, and Cerplus handles all payments and coordinates deliveries. In the long term, Cerplus wants to expand into other perishable food categories—for example, meat and fish, grain, and dairy—and replicate its model to locations outside of the San Francisco Bay Area.

Personal Bio

Zoe Wong is co-founder and CEO of Cerplus, a B2B marketplace for surplus produce. Prior to founding Cerplus, Zoe founded Revive Foods—a company that made jams from surplus fruit. Zoe grew up in Hong Kong, where 90 percent of the produce is imported and rarely tastes good. It wasn’t until she moved to the Bay Area almost three years ago that she completely fell in love with the quality and variety of produce. At the same time, she was outraged as she began learning and witnessing firsthand how much good food was going to waste, and was inspired to start developing sustainable and scalable solutions to reducing food waste. Zoe holds an AB from Cornell University and is a Y Combinator Fellow.

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    Alameda, United States

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