Zubaida Bai

  • AYZH Health and Livelihood PVT LTD

  • 2012 Global Fellow

Zubaida Bai
  • AYZH Health and Livelihood PVT LTD

  • 2012 Global Fellow

bold idea

Develop affordable, appropriate health technologies produced by women for women in rural India.

organization overview

In India, 80 percent of healthcare facilities are located in urban areas, while 72 percent of the population lives in rural regions, grossly limiting women’s access to basic healthcare and life-saving technologies. The basis for “the AYZH solution” is appropriate technology that addresses a significant gap in women’s medical technologies for community and clinic settings. AYZH designs vital and affordable, yet simple and beautiful products that women want and need, then distributes them through channels capable of reaching even the most remote communities.

Personal Bio

Zubaida Bai is a thought leader and innovator of health and livelihood solutions for under-served women and girls globally. Building on her expertise as a mechanical engineer, a product designer, and empathetic communicator, Zubaida has put her unique passion to work. In the process she built a brand, a growing product line, and set in motion a movement that addresses market failures, breaks taboos, and gives voice to the oft-ignored matter that is women’s health thoughout the reproductive health lifecylcle.
After a successful stint as an entrepreneur Zubaida is now setting up an Investment fund, Innervate Capital (“Innervate”) to offer growth-stage investment (equity and quasi-equity) in fast growing economies to women-led companies with high socio-economic impact potential to drive gender-inclusive economic growth and advance Sustainable Development Goals for her efforts towards achieving the UN goals for women’s health, Zubaida has been recognized on an ongoing basis. Some of her recognitions of note are: a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum, a Maternal Health Champion by Ashoka, and a Sustainable Development Goals Pioneer (UNGC).
When she’s not changing the world with her products, Zubaida is inspiring young and old through her speaking at international forums. Her talks focus on intersection of women’s health, Impact Investment, gender, design and entrepreneurship. You can watch her TED Talk here. She is also the founder of Happy Woman Foundation, an organization catalyzing the next wave of changes that enable women to achieve their entrepreneurial dreams, and wield public influence at a grand scale to create a stronger, happier, and healthier tomorrow for generations to come. Zubaida holds a master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and an MBA. She was also conferred with an Honorary Doctorate in 2018.

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