Domenico Centrone

Domenico Centrone
bold idea

Eliminate the concept of waste and traditional plastic pollution by reusing wastewater to produce high-performance bioplastics.

organization overview

EggPlant faces and solves two big environmental and social problems, the wastewater disposal and the pollution coming from traditional hydrocarbon-based plastics. Thanks to its proprietary technology, EggPlant reuses wastewater to produce high-performance bioplastic solutions through a zero-waste process. By taking inspiration from blue economy and biomimicry principles, the company aims to eliminate the concept of waste by reusing it as raw material for smart and sustainable technologies (closed-cycle, biorefinery, cascading system concept).

Personal Bio

Domenico Centrone is co-founder and chief executive officer at EggPlant, a company aiming at eliminating the concept of waste and the pollution of traditional plastics by reusing wastewater as raw material to get advanced bioplastic-based solutions. Fully committed to fostering social business, sustainability, and social innovation principles, he also works as program manager for the Apulian Regional Government where he designs and manages innovative public programs fostering youth entrepreneurship. Previously, he co-founded CicerOOs, a web startup focused on travel experiences, but his motivation to positively impact the world pushed him to leave in order to found EggPlant, soon awarded as Best Italian Social Business and as Best Bio-Economy Business. Thanks to a Fulbright scholarship he attended the certificate program in Technology Entrepreneurship at Leavey School of Business, Santa Clara University . After earning a degree in Industrial and Management Engineering, Domenico received a Ph.D. cum meritus in Industrial Engineering at Politecnico di Milano (Italy). Domenico is EBS-Intel Program for Social Innovators and Stanford Business School Social Entrepreneurship scholar.

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    Polignano A Mare, Italy

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