Paolo Stufano

Paolo Stufano
bold idea

Eliminate the concept of waste and traditional plastic pollution by reusing wastewater to produce high-performance bioplastics.

organization overview

EggPlant faces and solves two big environmental and social problems, the wastewater disposal and the pollution coming from traditional hydrocarbon-based plastics. Thanks to its proprietary technology, EggPlant reuses wastewater to produce high-performance bioplastic solutions through a zero-waste process. By taking inspiration from blue economy and biomimicry principles, the company aims to eliminate the concept of waste by reusing it as raw material for smart and sustainable technologies (closed-cycle, biorefinery, cascading system concept).

Personal Bio

Paolo is co-founder at EggPlant, a company aiming to eliminate the concept of waste and the pollution from traditional plastics by reusing wastewater as raw material to get advanced bioplastic-based solutions. He is in charge of intellectual property management and technology development at Eggplant, drawing on his technical background focused on the topics of green chemistry, environmental science, and waste valorization. Paolo was a member of the Nano-Technology Living Lab (NTLL) as business and technology analyst and technology transfer assistant in the field of molecular nanotechnologies for environment and health. Previously, he carried out academic research activities on CO2 conversion to chemicals and fuels by using renewable energy sources and bio-based waste raw materials. He received a MSc and Ph.D. in Chemical Science and Technologies from University of Bari. During his doctoral studies he has been visiting student research collaborator at Princeton University. After completing his academics, he studied business administration and IP management fundamentals as fellow at the High-Tech Apulian Technological District DHITECH.

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    Bari, Italy

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