Nandini Narula

Nandini Narula
bold idea

Deliver the power of online marketing technologies to low-income entrepreneurs in developing countries, enabling them to grow their businesses and increase their income.

organization overview

GreenMango levels the playing field for poor entrepreneurs by providing an affordable, accessible marketing platform that is designed to help small entrepreneurs in developing countries grow their businesses. Launched in Hyderabad, India, GreenMango gives them access to new sales channels, enables them to market their businesses to new customers, and validates their work through the reviews of their past customers. The platform centralizes credible information and its multiple access points (internet, in-person, and SMSReach clients across all income segments).

Personal Bio

After her GreenMango days, Nandini Narula started a consulting firm to provide CRM, data strategy, and technology project management services to nonprofit organizations and small businesses. She helps her clients define and realize real ROI on their technology initiatives. Nandini has worked with clients to implement CRMs such as Salesforce, content management systems, and data analytics and business intelligence platforms including Tableau. Nandini is a 2008 Echoing Green Fellow.

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    Montclair, United States

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